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Oil Spot Remover


Oil Spot remover is a preparation for removing oil stains from porous surfaces. It will thoroughly remove all greasy stains from car oil or petroleum derivatives. The unique recipe means that it does not require the use of water or pressure washers.

The agent is ready for use when opened. Just shake it vigorously before use. It does not require the use of water and pressure washers. Perfect for home conditions.

The preparation is ecological and completely biodegradable, does not contain harmful solvents and works in a safe pH range. Ready to use immediately after opening.

First, apply the cleaning agent to the greasy stain, then thoroughly spread the preparation over the dirt, preferably with a plastic spatula. Wait until the preparation is completely dry – the optimal time is about 12 hours. The cleaning agent will stain the surface of a hard, uniform crust. Then, using a brush with hard bristles, it is enough to carefully rub the whole thing off.

If the oil stain is particularly bothersome and it has been a long time since its formation, the cleaning process can be repeated

IMPORTANT: Use the preparation at temperatures above 12 ° C. Do not use the product on wet and damp surfaces and during rainfall. Shake well before use. The time of action is extremely important, so you should not wipe the measure off too early – the achieved results may then be unsatisfactory.

Safety: The product is solvent-free, therefore it is completely safe for the surfaces to be cleaned.
It works in a safe pH range.

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