Ready To Use! Nano Pro Contactless Foam


You Asked for it and we’ve delivered!
The same great cleaning power, but pre mixed ready to use straight away!

Our Nano Pro Foam is an innovative, single-phase, extremely efficient, product designed for contactless washing of cars and trucks. Creates an abundant, thick and stable foam when washing with foam.

The innovative recipe contains a special composition of active ingredients that enable effective vehicle washing. non-contact method without the use of a brush or sponge.

The advantage: you save time and don’t risk lacquer scratches due to sand particles!

The universal fluid formula allows you to wash different types of vehicles. The preparation will be used in washing cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, agricultural machines and construction machines.

The benefit: you save money instead of spending it on many different washing products!

NanoPro in the raw material composition does not contain harmful chemical compounds such as carcinogenic NTA or dangerous pH at which the washing process takes place. The washing solution has a pH of about 12 which is a completely safe level.
Advantage: the preparation is safe for both the cleaned surface and the person washing!

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